Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Where can I buy your whoopie pies other than online?
A:   You can visit our shop in Freeport, ME, find exclusive minis online with LL Bean, select Shaw's, select Hannaford stores, and many small convenience stores throughout New England and across the country.
Q:  What is the shelf life?
A:   They are good for 7-10 days not refrigerated, 14 days refrigerated, and may be frozen for up to a year.
Q:  May I request a specific delivery date?
A:  Yes, although we cannot guarantee deliveries on specific dates but we will do our best to meet your request.  Please click on your shopping cart and you will see an empty box to type in the information.
Q:  Can I add a gift message?
A:  Yes.  Please click on your shopping cart and you will see an empty box to type in the information.
Q:  What method of shipment do you use?
A:  Whoopie pies are shipped via UPS.  Since this is a perishable food item, we are required to ship in the quickest means possible.
Q:  Do you ship with dry ice or ice packs?
A:  No, we do not.  Since our product does not spoil when heated, we avoid using either of these methods to keep our costs down.  They might melt in the warm months, but they are still safe and yummy to eat!
Q:  How are your shipping rates calculated?
A:   Our rates are based on location and size of the order.  We charge what UPS charges us; which is 70% off normal rates.  Since we do not use added preservatives for extended shelf life, we do not ship using more than 3-day service.  Depending on your location, we upgrade to Next Day Air as a courtesy and no additional charge to the customer.
Q:  I would like to place a large order for my wedding, how far in advance should I order?
A:  Please do not order more than 30 days in advance.  Our flavors change and we would not know what we might have available prior to that.
Q:  Do you take corporate orders?
A:  Yes.  Please email customerservice@wickedwhoopies.com with your inquiry.
Q:  Do you offer bulk order discounts?
A:  Orders are considered bulk if the order consists over 300 whoopie pies.
Q:  Do you offer flavored jumbos?
A:  No, we do not.  We only have classic jumbos available and we do not take custom orders.
Q:  Do you offer gluten free whoopie pies?
A:  No.
Q:  Are your whoopie pies Kosher?
A:  No.
Q:  Do you offer vegan whoopie pies?
A:  No.
Q:  Can I order to multiple addresses at one time?
A:  No, not online.  You must enter each shipping location as a new transaction.  If you have more than five addresses you are shipping to, please email customerservice@wickedwhoopies.com with your name, billing address, the shipping addresses, and what you would like to order and we can create one transaction.
Q:  If I do not see a flavor listed online, am I able to order it by emailing or calling customer service?
A:  No.  What we have online are the current flavors available.
Q:  Do you put a receipt or order form in the box?
A:  No.  We do this for the privacy of the person the purchased the box in case it is for a gift.  The box arrives all ready for gift giving.
Q:  Do you carry the same flavors in the shop that you have online?
A:  Not always.  If you are looking to buy in shop, it is best to call and ask them if they have a particular flavor in stock that you are looking to order.  Our Freeport shop can be reached by calling 207-865-3100.
Q:  Do you take custom orders?
A:  No.

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